• IPLC service is an international connection service connecting 2 points under  the requirements of Customers. This is a direct international connection (point to point) with high reliability and low latency. Data is transmitted on the physical layer to keep information completely confidential.IEPLservice is an international service that helps connect from a headquarters to many branches abroad. This service is a direct international (point to multipoint) connection with high reliability and low latency. Using modern EPL technology, this service provides the best solution to connect all overseas branches.

  • Service Characteristics:

Service Quality Commitments:

About the quality of transmission line: 100% of the information is sent via the customer data channel.

About the speed of the channels under the requirements of Customers: The stability of the transmission line is 99.95%.

Committing to delay time of the transmission line: As shown in the SLA table.

About time to recover troubleshoot: 24/7/365 support, 4-hour service troubleshooting for physical line errors.

About compensation: When “The number of lost packets” on average is above 0.5%, customers will receive compensation for an additional service charge of 0.5% in the month.


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