FTTH optical cable Internet service is a technology that connects modern telecommunications in the world with completely fiber optic transmission lines from service providers to customers’ locations, to provide high-speed internet services.

Technology that enables the transmission speed of Internet data to download /upload (download /upload) equally with each other based on its superiority. Speed ​​can be 200 times higher than ADSL technology.

FTTH fiber optic Internet service of DCNET TELECOM

Because fiber optic cable is delivered to the customer’s location, so does the speed and quality of the network.

With high bandwidth, FTTH fiber optic Internet service provided by DCNET TELECOM will help businesses and organizations connect super speed to applications such as mail server, hosting, … For families, FTTH helps customers access to the internet faster, CCTV,…

Advantages of FTTH fiber optic Internet service provided by DCNET TELECOM:

  • The Exceptional speed of service (up to 100Mbps), download with shared bandwidth by upload, stable service quality.
  • Fast and professional service installation time.
  • Customer Service and Customer Support 24/7 days.


Service Using Objective:

The object of using FTTH service of DCNET TELECOM is unlimited, they are:

  • Shops, businesses, public internet agents.
  • Agencies, organizations, companies, businesses, enterprises.
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