Internet leased line (ILL) is a direct internet service committed to the quality of service, providing customers with a solution to connect the Internet directly to a fixed bandwidth and SLA (Service Level Agreement) table to assess Price service quality.

Service Characteristics:



Service Quality Commitments:

About the quality of the transmission line: 100% of the data is sent via the data channel of the customer.

About the speed of the channels required by customers: Stability of the transmission line 99.95%

About delay time of the transmission line: Directly stated in the SLA table.

About the time to fix the problem: Support 24/7/365, troubleshoot service in 04 hours with physical line errors.

Commitment to refund: When “The number of lost packets” on average is above 0.5%, customers will receive a discount of 0.5% of service charge in that month.


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