• People focus on developing human resources to train adjacent staff to improve their qualifications.
  • Customer-centric commitment to strive to meet customer needs.
  • Always being creative, creative and free to the fullest.
  • Toward a social community to create truly valuable products and services.
  • Commitment to continuous innovation.
  • Promoting comprehensive investment for development.
  • Building trust with close relationships with customers.
  • Providing solutions to integrate the system of high-quality products and services.
  • Perfect service quality and solution.
  • Reputable honesty and responsibility to customers.
  • Human resources for professional-quality training.
  • Multilateral cooperation maximizes the benefit of fewer customers and participating partners


DCNET TELECOMMUNICATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY is a company operating with the main areas of the Information Technology and Telecommunications Fields. DCNET Telecom Joint Stock Company with a staff of many years of experience and constantly perfecting professional skills, professional manner, and diligent attitude in order to bring customers peace of mind on service quality, products supplied by the Company.

The DCNET TELECOM team constantly strives, maximizing creativity and flexibility to seize new opportunities, and the effort to apply and innovate technology in all activities at all levels is a requirement for each person, towards the common goal is the leading Company in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications in Vietnam.